Devil's Advocate

A dining experience hard to swallow

I enjoyed a short getaway over the long weekend — recharged the batteries and got a last glimpse of the sun before winter hibernation. During the course of this self-indulgence I had time to browse some shops and, while doing so, took the opportunity...... Read More

Apologies to the apostrophe

There's a plague facing our great nation: everyday on message boards, forum comments, and sadly even advertisements, the scourge shows up inflicting more damage onto our innocent populace than we even realise. No-one, it seems, knows how to use...... Read More

The changing face of Southlanders

It's clear that immigration will be a significant flashpoint for this year's election and recent changes announced by Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse don't appear to have done anything to change that. Clutha Southland MP Todd Barclay,...... Read More

Young voters — disinterested or under educated?

I threatened a couple of weeks ago to rant about public apathy towards local government and even politics in general. I was intending to spare you that — at least until closer to the election — but recent coverage around the so-called "disenfranchised"...... Read More

Time to take an interest

The Southland District Council is back to square one when it comes to finding a new location for Te Anau's new wastewater sewerage scheme, but that doesn't mean we, the ratepayer, should stop keeping a close eye on it. It's to the fault of...... Read More

In support of good governance

While lying low these past few weeks, I've been disappointed that, in my absence, others haven't taken to the public opinion columns in support of our community boards questioning the apparent dumbing down of the information they're getting...... Read More

Hunters valuing conservation

Congratulations to the Fiordland Wapiti Foundation on its latest project teaming with the Kea Conservation Trust to help preserve the kea population in Southland. Hunters are being encouraged to report their sightings of the native parrot during the...... Read More