Kiwi returned to Dusky Sound

Fiordland Lobster Company representative Taka Shimizu holding up the tag for some very precious cargo. PHOTO: Chris Birmingham/DOC

Twelve more little spotted kiwi have been transferred to Anchor Island in Dusky Sound. 

Fiordland Conservation Trust manager Laura Harry said the birds moved this month were the last of 40 to be transferred to the island over the past three years.

"It's another huge milestone for the restoration of Dusky Sound as these were the first kiwi to be returned to Dusky in over 100 years and are breeding on the island which they share with kakapo and other native birds."

The project was sponsored by the Fiordland Lobster Company and was a partnership between the company and the Department of Conservation (DOC) in a trust-led project. They were now awaiting a field report summarising their efforts, she said.

Originally from the South Island, little spotted kiwi were present in Dusky Sound up until the late 1800's. It is the smallest and therefore most vulnerable of the five kiwi species. Off-shore predator-free islands have become essential for its long-term survival. 

Anchor Island is free of rodents, stoats, and deer, and has been host to other native species transfers including kakapo, tieke/South Island saddleback, toutouwai/South Island robin, and mohua.

Fiordland Lobster Company representative Taka Shimizu at the latest kiwi transfer. PHOTO: Chris Birmingham/DOC


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